Racing with Time


“Don’t watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going.” – Sam Levenson

I had quite an interesting day in class today;  in my Maritime History & Culture (MHC) class, we had an entire 54-slide powerpoint presentation on the indigenous people of New Zealand, known as the Maori, and their culture.

Instead of the professor verbally recounting the historical myth of how New Zealand came to be, he opted to make a performance out of it. He decided to assign me to be Maui, the gifted, clever demigod of Polynesian mythology. According to the Maori, there were a duo of brothers fishing in the sea, and I (Maui) randomly popped up in their canoe and asked them if I could borrow their bait/fishing hook. Like typical men, they rudely refused to share any of their resources. So, being “cleverly creative,” I decided to punch my own nose and use my own blood as bait.

Despite how ridiculous this may sound, in the story, Maui successfully catches an enormous fish! After setting it in the canoe, however, the rude brothers, in envy, decide to beat the fish up. As a result, the beaten up parts of the fish became the beautiful mountains, valleys, lakes, and rugged coastline of the North Island of New Zealand.


After my mini lake adventure yesterday, it was now time to go bigger and hit the beach! Thankfully, there’s no set minimum temperature in order to appreciate the scenery of the beach. Although it was too cold to jump in the water, I enjoyed my time sitting on the rocks and watching the endless waves crash against the Racing Beach shore.

Speaking of time, I realize that I only have so many days here on shore, and I want to make the best out of every moment. Albeit a small town, Woods Hole has a lot of hidden gems, along with the rest of Cape Cod! I’ve heard plenty of rave reviews about Martha’s Vineyard, New Bedford, P-town, and of course, Boston! Unfortunately, these gems are indeed very well-hidden, and I’ll have to roll up my sleeves and do some serious exploring in order to find them.


However, without a car, or great local transportation, I’m stuck with my shitty co-op 10 mile-per-hour bike. That got me thinking, why go far to explore? I’m new to this area, so every place I go, whether close or far, is full of opportunities for unearthing and discovery! Furthermore, as I find myself in a new environment, I absorb more than just the scenery, I discover more about myself. Stepping out of your comfort zone really opens doors for self-exploration. Doing new things is the best way to learn about yourself, about people, about life. Don’t just sit and wait for things to happen, go out on an adventure, and enjoy life!

Till tomorrow…



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