City Girl in a Small Town


“Do one thing everyday that scares you.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Scary deed of the day: I went on a solitary bike ride through the forest surrounding the SEA campus.

The scariest part of my ride wasn’t the fact that I was alone or that I was in a forest, but the fact that I found myself at bliss at the sight of the quaint, mid-frozen lake that lied in the midst of the forest


I was born and raised in Los Angeles, and I didn’t know what “country” meant until I moved away from home for school. However, I never enjoyed the dead, desolate, dull city of Rochester. So, for the first time, I’m actually starting to appreciate what a small country town can offer. With not too many distractions, I can actually stay focused on my academics without trailing off to the thought of catching waves at the beach or checking out a new hike trail. Moreover, I’ve always had so many restaurant options to choose from; it was always a struggle to pick which one to dine at. Here in Woods Hole, there’s one bakery, one restaurant, one library, one post office, one port. Life is easy, and simple.


During my bike ride, I came across a part of the lake that was semi-frozen. I decided to hop off my bike and do some adventuring. Although I had wished I came a bit later so I could watch the sun set over the lake, I enjoyed the scenic views of the water lying among the leftover autumn foliage. After a bit of exploring, I came across something so remarkably interesting that I had to find a rock to sit on in order to fully absorb in what I was looking at.


Strangely enough, these plants and trees were mid-frozen in the lake! After a few moments, I came to a realization. Things don’t have to be black or white. Often, things are grey, or, in between.  This was exactly how I felt here. I’m not absolutely in love, nor am I full of hatred. I’m just floating, going with the flow, enjoying whatever pops up in my stream. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. If nature can be stuck in between, so can I.

Till tomorrow…



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